A Week in Japan

Horses will find it hard to concentrate on studies this year. They must focus on studying and reviewing.

Fly into Osaka and head straight to Kyoto, 98’s

We’re all familiar with myths, legends and fairytales. It’s always interesting to see how they explain traditions that we still have in modern society today—the things we feel are normal, but are actually quite weird if we think about it.

So why do the Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) the way they do? Why do people put up red decorations and light firecrackers? Who chose the 12 Chinese zodiacs? What‘s the point of malt candy?

The stories date back to thousands of years ago. Here is a collection of a few popular and interesting Chinese New Year myths.

Spring Greens

Summer is the season of the grill. Beef and pork are the usual suspects, but what if you want something a little lighter? And something that’s not chicken? A whole saltwater fish, like pompano, is a quick, flavorful alternative that’s easy to prepare. Pair it with grilled summer vegetables and some basmati rice to make a meal fit for royalty. It all starts with the seasoning.

A trip home from shopping after a long day of holiday prep, and I was ready to settle in for a merry sipper.


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